The Chairman of ”la Caixa” Foundation and CriteriaCaixa, Isidro Fainé."la Caixa" Foundation

The Board of CriteriaCaixa proposes the renewal of Isidro Fainé as chairman for the next 4 years



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The Board of Directors of CriteriaCaixa has approved to propose to  the Board of Trustees of “la Caixa” Foundation to renew José Antonio Asiáin, Marcos Contreras, Jean-Louis Chaussade, Isabel Estapé, Josep-Delfí Guardia and Francesc Homs as directors of the holding for a period of four years, and the appointment of Ángel Simón as director.

“la Caixa” Foundation will have a €600 million record budget in 2024, the highest in its history. In the last 15 years, the Foundation has invested nearly €7,000 million in social, scientific, educational and cultural initiatives in order to contribute to a society bringing more opportunities to the most needed.

The Chairman of ”la Caixa” Foundation and CriteriaCaixa, Isidro Fainé, expressed: “We are opening a stage and giving new impetus to the CriteriaCaixa project, aiming to secure the financial resources that “la Caixa” Foundation will need in the coming years to carry out its social work. The approval of a budget of €600 million for 2024 represents a remarkable step in the entity’s history. In a highly complex world, with increasing inequality, ”la Caixa” Foundation keeps itself committed to social and human development, especially of the most vulnerable people.”

Latest Update: 26 February 2024 | 17:10