Goya as never seen before takes centre stage along with De Chirico and Capa in the new season of CaixaForum Zaragoza



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”la Caixa” Foundation presents the programme for its cultural centre in Zaragoza for the 2017-2018 season, featuring an impressive range of quality events suitable for everyone.

During the season 2016-2017 the 44 exhibitions displayed at the eight CaixaForum centres received more than 2.3 million visitors. CaixaForum Zaragoza was visited by over 197,000 people and hosted over 1,200 activities during this period.

The first exhibition of the season features one of the most important artists in history, Francisco de Goya, who returns to Zaragoza in a project in which he reviews his figure and work during the years of his consolidation as a brilliant court painter in Madrid for King Charles III and Charles IV, illustrated by a number of his most famous works loaned by el Museo del Prado.

Modern art will feature prominently in The Early Avant-Garde Building New Worlds 1914-1945, an exhibition that presents a new reading of the opening decades of the 20th century by considering an impressive collection of works by celebrated artists, among them Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp, Raoul Hausmann, André Kertész, André Masson, Valentina Kulagina, George Grosz, John Heartfield and Francis Picabia.

Film returns to CaixaForum Zaragoza thanks to the collaboration with the Cinémathèque française. Film and Emotions. A Trip to Childhood explores the essential role of childhood in the creation of stories and characters in film, and it examines the influence that these movies have had on the development of the child audience

The pioneer of Metaphysical art will take over CaixaForum Zaragoza in The World of Giorgio de Chirico. Dream or Reality, a comprehensive retrospective on this great Italian master that features over 140 works that underline his considerable contribution to art in the 20th century

Photography will also be present this season in Robert Capa in Colour, an exhibition that will explore the least known side of the legendary photographer Robert Capa, who is renowned worldwide for his black and white war photographs. The exhibition will centre on the colour shots he took over the course of his career, many of them never published, including more than 150 works from the International Center of Photography in New York.

Following the great success of The Pillars of Europe. The Middle Ages at the British Museum, CaixaForum will host the second of the projects that have grown out of the partnership with the British Museum. Agon! Competition in Ancient Greece is an ambitious exhibition that will analyse the competitive spirit so characteristic of this civilisation, and not just in the realm of sports that we are already familiar with.

In keeping with previous seasons, there will be room in the 2017-2018 CaixaForum Zaragoza programme for awareness-raising, this year with the exhibition My World, which looks at the challenges humankind faces in relation to improving people's lives and protecting the environment. More information in the PDF press release

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