Impressionist and Modern. Masterpieces from The Phillips Collection. CaixaForum Barcelona



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"A small, intimate museum combined with an experiment station". That is how, in 1926, Duncan Phillips (1886-1966) defined what was to be the first gallery devoted to modern art in the United States, and which opened in Washington D.C. in 1921.

Today, The Phillips Collection is recognised around the world for its rich holdings of the finest Impressionist, modern and contemporary art. Now, at CaixaForum Barcelona, in cooperation with ”la Caixa” Foundation, this institution, which is celebrating its ninety-fifth anniversary, presents Impressionist and Modern, an exceptional selection of sixty paintings by forty-four essential artists from the last two centuries, including Picasso, Manet, Monet, Degas, van Gogh, Cézanne, Courbet, Matisse, Modigliani, Braque, Pollock, O'Keeffe and Rothko.

Together, these masterpieces create a show that gives visitors insight into some of the key movements that evolved from the nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century, from Realism and Romanticism to Impressionism, Cubism and Abstract Expressionism. The show also enables us to learn about the history of the collection and its founder, Duncan Phillips. Phillips was a pioneer, passionate about the art of his time, who, trusting in his own instinct to detect talent, built up a collection that has become famed around the world.

Impressionist and Modern. Masterpieces from The Phillips Collection. Dates: From 11 March to 19 June 2016. Place: CaixaForum Barcelona (Av. Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 6-8).

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