CaixaForum Barcelona presents its cultural activities for the coming year in an exceptional programme of exhibitions aimed at all audiences



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”la Caixa” Foundation presents the programme of activities for the 2012-2013 season at its social and cultural centre in Barcelona. The new programme features an all-embracing range of activities aimed at the widest audiences. In this new exhibition season at CaixaForum Barcelona, the organisers hope to build on the success of the past year, when more than one million people visited the centre, which was celebrating its tenth anniversary.

The new season will begin in October with two exhibitions: The Arts of Piranesi, which will highlight the modernity of the great Venetian master and his influence on art over the last two centuries; and Food Justice, which will analyse the problems of food distribution and access at world level.

CaixaForum Barcelona Exhibition Room 2 will host a hugely ambitious project focusing on contemporary art. For an entire year, and based on works from ”la Caixa” Foundation Contemporary Art Collection, this exhibition, divided into three consecutive parts and curated by Rosa Martínez, will seek answers to a crucial question: Is art necessary to live?

As every year, moreover, ”la Caixa” Foundation will also devote particular attention to the art forms that define our times, such as film and photography. This season, with a retrospective devoted to Georges Méliès, the first “magician” in cinema history, and a provocative look at the influence that paintings by the great masters have wielded over historic and contemporary photography.

CaixaForum Barcelona will also host a major archaeological show featuring outstanding pieces from Sumerian culture. Finally, the season will end with Japonism, at which visitors can discover the mark that Japan once made on Spanish art.     More information in the PDF press release