Pierre Huyghe. Streamside Day – One Year Celebration. Contemporary Art Collection ”la Caixa” Foundation. CaixaForum Barcelona



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“I was not interested in filming the reality as it was given. And I’m not interested in building fiction. What I am interested in is setting up a reality, building a situation, constructing a world, and documenting it.” In his work, Pierre Huyghe (Paris, 1962), one of the most acclaimed French artists of the moment, explores the reality/fiction duality, inventing worlds, traditions and celebrations that seem, or are designed to seem, authentic. Through his work, moreover, Huyghe also reflects on the durability of art. To do so, he uses a wide range of techniques and formats, including installation, film, sculpture and so on, as we can see in the two pieces that ”la Caixa” Welfare Projects presents for the first time: Streamside Day and One Year Celebration. The exhibition will be open at CaixaForum Barcelona until August as part of a short season organised by ”la Caixa” Welfare Projects to showcase recent acquisitions, video installations whose common denominator is formed by their relations to film and documentary.

The installation Streamside Day, which belongs to the Contemporary Art Collection ”la Caixa” Foundation, will be accompanied at Caixaforum by One Year Celebration, which the artist has loaned especially for this exhibition. The presentation, which follows an exhibition of recent works by the Israeli artist Omer Fast, provides audiences with the first opportunity to see Huyghe’s work in Barcelona.

The exhibition Pierre Huyghe. Streamside Day - One Year Celebration. Contemporary Art Collection ”la Caixa” Foundation, curated by Nimfa Bisbe, will be on show at CaixaForum Barcelona only, from 17 June to 14 August 2011.     More information in the PDF press release