Conversation Piece Works from ”la Caixa” Collection of Contemporary Art. Roma


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The Galleria Nazionale invites ”la Caixa” Collection of Contemporary Art to establish a "conversation", presenting a select group of works under the roof of its classical architecture.

”la Caixa” Collection of Contemporary Art is today an important resource that explores various interpretations of art over the last forty years. The collection also generates new dialogues and narratives that underline the meaning and contemporary nature of the works it contains. In short, the collection is a space where research can be conducted and stories created, as well as fulfilling the mission of acknowledging, conserving and representing the art of our day.

Under the title Conversation Piece, taken from Juan Muñoz's sculptural ensemble, this exhibition brings together a dozen works by artists with different poetic voices. As the expressive gestures of Muñoz's three personages suggest, the show is rich, not only in dialogue, but also in contrast, intrigue and the search for revelatory meaning. The interaction between the works follows a pattern, that established by the basso continuo of the minimalist aesthetic and by the triple relation between architecture, sculpture and the human figure.

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