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Playing tic-tac-toe with a robot, taking drum lessons on-line, exploring an Egyptian tomb with a virtual reality helmet or learning how to make a comic strip are just a few of the many proposals of Transvisual Girona, an interactive play exhibition organised by ”la Caixa” Foundation. Transvisual Girona will be carried out over six weeks, and is divided into six ambits: comics, robotics, video + music, design + virtual reality, animation + video games and television. Each of these ambits is approached from a technological innovation standpoint. Designer América Sánchez, strip cartoonist Max, artist Marcel·lí Antúnez, musician Salvador Niebla, journalist Miquel Calçada and Àlex Grau, technical supervisor of animation in films such as Spiderman, are a few of the participants in the events planned for the exhibition, which can be visited physically at ”la Caixa” Foundation's Girona Sala d'Exposicions, or virtually at the www.transvisualgirona.net webpage. Every week, the exhibition will focus on one of the six ambits with a discussion session and special workshops that will take place in the Sala d'Exposicions, in addition to a presentation and showing to be offered at ”la Caixa” Auditori Narcís de Carreras. Organised by Àngels Bronsoms, Transvisual Girona is a production of ”la Caixa” Foundation, organised with the collaboration of the Girona School of Multimedia Production (ERAM), and especially conceived for youth and children. The Transvisual Girona exhibition can be visited at ”la Caixa” Foundation's Girona Sala d'Exposicions (Sèquia, 5), from 23 April to 1 June, 2003, or at www.transvisualgirona.net. The presentations and showings will take place at ”la Caixa” Auditori Narcís de Carreras (Santa Clara, 11, 4º). COMICS - Week of 23 to 27 AprilComics will open the first of Transvisual Girona's interactive play proposals. Over a six-week period, ”la Caixa” Foundation's Sala d'Exposicions will host a workshop to teach participants to create a comic strip, although this area will be reinforced from 23 to 27 April through showings, discussion sessions and presentations.Inside the Sala d'Exposicions, the space devoted to comics will consist of two large round tables, a display of work by ten local comic artists, a computer to browse through a number of selected webpages on comics and a video showing each step of the comic strip creation technique.Artist Quim Bou will coordinate a 45-minute workshop for children and young people on the mechanics behind the creation of a comic strip. There will also be a giant comic strip where visitors can leave their mark by continuing the running story-line.Quim Bou will also participate in a talk held in the Sala d'Exposicions on Thursday 24 April (7:30 pm). On Friday, 25 April (7:30 pm), ”la Caixa” Auditori Narcís de Carreras will be the site of the presentation On the Road to Pernambuco, Comic Strip Paradise, given by comic artist Max (Premio Nacional de Ilustración Infantil y Juvenil, 1997). A showing will be offered in the Auditori one hour beforehand (6:30 pm).ROBOTICS - Week of 28 April to 4 MayA robotic arm with six degrees of freedom and programmed by the Technical College of Girona will challenge Sala d'Exposicions visitors to a game of tic-tac-toe. The exhibit will also feature two other intelligent robots, PICBOT 2 and PICBOT 3, who can turn around when they hear a sound or run into an obstacle. In a circular 150 cm ring, players can interact with these microrobots capable of computing the distance and position of visitors. The Sala d'Exposicions will also show audiovisual projections on loan from the Department of Computerised and Robotic Vision of the Technical College of Girona. A discussion panel on robotics will be given on Monday, 28 April (7:30 pm) in the Sala d'Exposicions with the participation of Xavier Cufi and Pere Ridao (robotics professors from the Technical College of Girona).On Wednesday, 30 April (7:30 pm), the Auditori Narcís de Carreras will set the scene for artist Marcel·lí Antúnez, a founding member of the Fura dels Baus theatre troupe, who will give a talk entitled Zig. "La Robótica Como Arte" (Robotics as an Art Form) will be shown in the Auditori on the same day, an hour beforehand (6:30 pm).VIDEO + MUSIC - Week of 5 to 11 MayThree computers connected to the Virtual Drummer School will offer visitors a chance to take drum lessons over the Internet using Roland electronic drum pads. At the same time, a selection of U2, Bjork and Nirvana music videos will be continuously shown in the Sala d'Exposicions.Musician Salvador Niebla will offer a live performance in the Sala d'Exposicions on Monday, 5 May (7:30 pm). The presentation given for this area of the exhibition will be given on Wednesday, 7 May (7:30 pm) by the Barcelona group Telenoika, which will also give an audio and video performance demonstration with several videojockey acts. The showing in the Auditori will take place at 6:30 pm with selections from the video "Let Us RePlay" by Matt Black, creator of the NinjaTune label.DESIGN + VIRTUAL REALITY - Week of 12 to 18 MayEquipped with a virtual reality helmet, steering wheel and pedals, Superscape RTZ takes Sala d'Exposicions visitors on a virtual visit inside an Egyptian tomb. In addition to other content, an architecture and design show will form part of this area. Coordinated by Freddy Masad and Alicia Guerrero, the show will seek out the links possible between animation techniques and architecture.The discussion will be held in the Sala d'Exposicions on Monday, 12 May (7:30 pm) with the participation of Roger Gilabert, managing director of Superscape RTZ; Xavier Pueyo, director of the Technical College of Girona; Fredy Massad and Alicia Guerrero. On Friday, 16 May (7:30 pm) América Sánchez (Premio Nacional de Diseño, 1992) will give a presentation on this theme in the Auditori Narcís de Carreras. "El Futuro del Futuro. Realidad Virtual" (The Future of the Future. Virtual Reality) will be shown an hour beforehand in the Auditori. It features quotes from William Gibson, who coined the term "cyberspace" (6:30 pm).TELEVISION - Week of 19 to 25 MayWith a soundstage and minimal props, ”la Caixa” Foundation's Sala d'Exposicions will be the site of a workshop-type activity in which participants learn to create a mini-TV news programme, following an initial preparation of material in schools. The programme will be broadcast by Televisió de Girona. This discussion will be held on Monday, 19 May (7:30 pm) in the Sala d'Exposicions with the participation of writer-journalist Natàlia Molero and Pere Grañen, general manager of Televisió de Girona. Journalist Miquel Calçada will give a talk entitled "Radio and Television in the Digital Era", in ”La Caixa” Auditori Narcís de Carreras on Friday, 23 May (7:30 pm). An hour prior to the speech (6:30 pm), "World Creativity Show", a collection of TV adverts produced over the past years, will be shown in the Auditori.ANIMATION + VIDEO GAMES – Week of 26 May to 1 JuneThe Sala d'Exposicions will host a claymation workshop directed by Albert Gil. It will also feature a selection of six video games for console and PC's: Ico, Rez-uga, Frequency, Loop, Opniyama and Innsonik. The Sala d'Exposicions will also house an exhibit of work by Laurie Anderson and Montxo Algora, among others. Algora and digital culture specialist José Luis de Vicente will take part in the discussion held in the Sala d'Exposicions on Monday, 26 May (7:30 pm).On Friday, 30 May (7:30 pm), at ”la Caixa” Auditori Narcís de Carreras, the presentation "Computerised Animation and Digital Effects: Personal Experience" will be given by Àlex Grau, technical supervisor of animation for movies like "Shrek", "Babe" and "Spiderman". A selection from the Art Futura Show 2002 (6:30 pm) will also be shown. Transvisual Girona23 April to 1 June, 2003”la Caixa” Foundation's Sala d'ExposicionsSèquia, 517001 Gironawww.transvisualgirona.net / www.fundacio.lacaixa.esTel.: 902 22 30 40HoursMonday, from 5 to 9 pmTuesday to Saturday, from 10 am to 2 pm and 5 to 9 pmSundays and festivals, from 11 am to 2 pmFree admissionwww.fundacio.lacaixa.es